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A disorganized workspace can hamper your productivity and make it more difficult for you to complete even the simplest DIY projects. That’s why it’s important to seriously consider tool storage ideas when planning your work area besides the classic toolbox that we’ve all come to love. Proper storage can help you streamline your tasks by making it easy for you to access the tools you need.

Here are three storage solutions to consider when designing your workspace.

Stationary Tool Cabinet

Stationary tool cabinets come in various sizes. They make it easy for you to centralize the storage of your tools.

Not all stationary tool cabinets offer the same amenities. Here are some questions to ask yourself when evaluating various candidates:

  • Does it have a lock? A locking cabinet allows you to store your valuable tools securely. This might be important if you want to keep your tools out of the reach of kids in the household, or if you worry about theft. If you want something that’s more high-tech than a simple lock and a key, some cabinets come with electronic locks that allow you to access the device via a digital keypad.

  • Does it have drawers of varying depths? Small tools can get lost in deep drawers. This is why it’s important to have a cabinet with drawers of varying depths if your tool collection includes tools of different sizes. The shallow drawers will be great for storing smaller tools. The cabinet’s deeper drawers will be best suited for the largest tools in your collection.

  • Does it come with padded and/or lined drawers? Padded drawers can shield your tools from damage and prevent them from sliding around within the cabinet. Lined drawers serve a similar function.

Rolling Tool Chest

A rolling tool chest is essentially a tool cabinet on wheels. These chests offer many of the same features found in stationary tool cabinets, but they’re mounted on heavy-duty wheels that provide easy mobility. Typically, these wheels can be locked in place to provide stability when you need it. A rolling tool chest is a great choice if you have a large work area since it allows you to move the chest from one part of the space to the next with no hassles.

Tool Backpack

The garage is usually the dedicated work area for DIY projects. But what if you don’t have a garage? In cases like this, it may make sense to choose a tool storage solution that offers flexibility. An option like this is also a good idea if you frequently work on projects outside the home.

Long Description

A tool backpack is a great choice in this type of situation. It allows you to easily move your tools from one place to the next with minimal strain. Some of the best picks in this segment are made with sturdy ballistic weaves for extra durability, and they come with molded bases that allow you to stand the backpack upright when it’s not on your shoulders. Some also offer customizable pockets that allow you to store tools of various shapes and sizes.

There are some versatile solutions to consider if you’re thinking about tool storage. Consider the points discussed above when deciding which choice is right for you.

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