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In the Northeast, there’s little better than the peak of fall, with the leaves changing and the cool crisp air. This time of year is a great time to get in some end of the season boating and see the autumn colors from a different perspective. While the fall boating season can lend itself to some spectacular views, there are a few special considerations to make before heading out in cooler weather.

Today’s Forecast

In the fall, weather can change at a moment’s notice. Checking the weather right before you head out is a great way to ensure you won’t get caught in nasty weather. Smartphone apps can give you up to the minute weather even while you’re out on the water, but it doesn’t hurt to quickly check before you load up and leave the house.

Proper Attire

Along with the already changing temperatures, crisp fall air can feel totally different on a moving boat. It may also be extra chilly out on the water, so dressing for fall boating season is a little different. Bring an extra set of clothes or additional layers, keeping in mind you may need to contend with cold water. There’s always a chance some the chilly water may splash up on you and you’ll want to be prepared.

Boat Check

Your typical pre-boating inspection can be even more critical in the fall months. Before you leave, be sure to inspect the bilge pump, engine and all of your safety equipment. Floating leaves can block up intakes and create mechanical havoc out on the water, so some extra preparation is never a bad thing.

Skip the Booze

Many people enjoy a few drinks while they float around, and nothing goes better with fall foliage than a nice bottle of wine. But on chilly days, alcohol can thin your blood and quickly drain your body of heat, making hypothermia a real threat — much more than in warm summer months.

Heading out on the lake for some leaf peeping is what fall boating season is all about. With cooler weather and cooler water, however, there are a few extra considerations that you may not think of during those hot summer days. Keep up with the weather forecast, dress accordingly and make sure your boat is in good running condition before you leave the slip, and you’ll have yourself a lovely autumn boat ride.

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