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There are many garage cleaning products out there, but it’s not always easy to know which ones are must-haves and which ones you can do without. With the right set of cleaners, you’ll be set to tackle any mess you might accidentally make while working on a project, which is why we put together this quick list of five essentials that should be on every shelf.

1. Degreaser

One of the most useful garage cleaning products on the market is degreaser. It’s easy to understand why: So many vehicle repairs require you to handle or otherwise use oils, lubricants and, well, grease. Whether you’re installing a ball joint, cleaning an engine bay or simply trying to scrub a stubborn stain off the floor, using a degreaser is the most effective way to get the grime gone.

2. Hand Cleaner

Anyone who’s ever tried to wash off a day’s work after spending time in their garage knows just how ineffective common household soaps can be at dealing with oil and muck. Using a specialized hand cleaner is really the only way you’re going to get your hands spic and span. A pumice cleaner is a good option that uses ground volcanic rock as a gentle abrasive. You’ll often also see pumice combined with citrus cleaners to make an all-in-one hand-washing solution.

3. Shop Towels

Regular paper towels simply aren’t going to cut it when it’s time to absorb the thick, goopy liquids that go hand in hand with automotive projects. If you spill something, you’ll need to soak it up fast without the towel disintegrating in the process, which is where shop towels come in. These blue-hued, heavy-duty paper towels are rugged enough to get the job done without coming apart at the seams, making them one of the most essential garage cleaning products.

4. Oil Absorbent

Sometimes also called kitty litter. That’s right — when the spill is too big for shop towels, it’s this overlooked oil absorbent shop helper that comes to the rescue. A major dump of oil, gas or grease is easily taken care of with a dusting of oil absorbent, which can then be swept up and disposed of safely before the liquid has a chance to spread. It’s not just for the cat box!

5. Stiff-Bristle Broom

Sweeping the garage floor on a regular basis is only going to make cleaning up after each project easier, but you can’t rely on a standard household broom to take care of business. A stiff-bristled, straight push broom is your best bet for dealing with dirt, bits of metal shavings, loose nuts and bolts, nails and the occasional pile of absorbent kitty litter.

Stock your garage right, and you’ll never find yourself sighing at a dirty floor or scrubbing at a stain you can’t handle. The right cleaning products are half the battle in keeping your space tidy.

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